Thursday, November 24, 2011


I will be honest with you guys.  I miss my Seasons Change Series!!  
I realized  it a couple of weeks ago when I took this picture.
I know I specifically asked you guys not to let me make such long term commitments on my blog.
But I do!  I really want to bring Seasons Change back!

 Just take a look at this wonderful colors autumn offers, I see it all around me while driving.

...and while riding my bike!

So I am thinking this time I will not focus on a specific place but look all around me.
For a whole year I will try to find the awesomeness  included in all four seasons,
perhaps the weather or a nature shot...
maybe display the holidays in turn
who knows?
...I don't want to be limited this time.

Yay Seasons Change will be back!!!
I will start on Thursday December 22 right when winter begins...
How lucky am I that winter begins on  a Thursday?
What do you all say would you like to follow along??
Stay tuned!
in the meantime, let's give thanks!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate it!


  1. I would love to have the seasons! And not necessarily from the one spot, just seeing the nature's photos from your surroundings would be great! :)

  2. I'm glad you are doing Seasons change. From your pictures, I can see why. :)

  3. Such beautiful colors!! Fall colors are always so amazing :) Yay! For bringing back Seasons change :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxoxo

  4. I love these pictures. It reminds me why I really love Autumn :)

  5. Those colours are so amazing. We don't have such a change of season here in Brisbane. I would love to have our leaves change like that.


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