Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend at the beach

I know it's Thursday...and I have been bad and lazy on Season's Change 
but I really want to share some pictures from our recent trip to the beach.  
I got so many things in my head that if I don't do it now I may never do it later!  
So bare with me please :)

Five adults, one teenager, five kids and two dogs on this adventure.

We took three cars, we drove 2 hrs to Calexico, CA. 
My brother drove his truck, my husband drove his dad's suv
and I drove my truck...

Then we crossed the border to Mexico, and drove 4 more hours to San Felipe
we got there at midnight, rented a couple of rooms (pool, nice bed and showers
the thing that I miss the most when I am away from home)

 The next morning drove up to Puertecitos which was an hour drive.
On our way there Xavi's floatie  fell of my brother's truck 
and very devastated he cried "oh no we need to stop" and so we did,
then he held on to it for dear life.

We spent the whole day in Puertecitos.  The kids would not get out of the water!
My Father in law and my nephew caught a couple of fishes.  The girls collected pretty shells.

We had a good time!  We ate sandwiches and all kids of snacks and junk food!

The next morning we drove to a different beach named Percebu
we ate hot dogs and roasted marshmallows!  The water was nice,
but the sun was blazing hot. 

And here is proof that I can be a good sport once in a year ;) 
Although I spent most of the time trying to find shade ;)


  1. What a nice Happy End! Lovely lovely lovely :) And I love that you put out so many pictures ;) Watching them almost miss the beach...

  2. How fun!!! A perfect family summer trip! I love that Xavi's floatie fell out of the truck and you guys have to go back and get it. LOL ~Val

  3. Fun fun fun!!! What a great trip. You were a great sport! The beach is so relaxing in the shade, of course!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! The beach looks really lovely and it's great you went with family. Oh how I miss summer time. x

  5. i love mini getaway trips! so much fun!!! i only wish that the waters here was warmer... even in the summer, it's too cold to take a dip in!!!

    i'm glad your family had a wonderful time!!!

  6. What a fun mini-vacation!! I love it, Xavi looks so relaxed and comfortable in that maca :)

    And you look so beautiful!!!

    I love you lots my beautiful sister in Hemet :)


  7. i wanna go with you!!! that hat? GORGEOUS!!!! really. oh how i've missed you! xoxo


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