Monday, August 15, 2011

Featured artist: Miss Val

Here is the first real interview. Please meet Miss Val, she was one of my very first blog readers and a very talented jewelry maker.  She is also a fellow blogger and I am sure you will be delighted to meet her.  I'd like to thank her for taking the time to do this interview.

1.  Tell us as little or as much as you like about yourself.
    I am a workaholic with an anxiety problem....can't seem to sit still.  Even when I watch a television program or movie On Demand I feel a need to use the pause button to get up and get something done that needs to be done.  Making jewelry is a way for me to unwind from everything!  Spending time with my boyfriend and others who make me laugh also helps keep me sane!  Laughter is always the best medicine.
2.  What do you sell?
     My shops are filled with my various jewelry and accessories.  I use all sorts of materials including gemstones, sterling silver, glass, wood, pewter and more.  My biggest sellers are my eyeglass chains  and earring studs.  My stores also carry a variety of jewelry making findings, supplies and tools.

3.  Why handmade? 
    There is something special about items which someone has taken the time to create with their hands and creative mind.  The added bonus to buying handmade is that you are supporting another crafty individual!
4.  Where does your inspiration to create come from and/or your inspiration in life?
     I never quite understood where my inspiration comes from.  It seems like a combination of feelings,    beautiful things and life experiences.  At random times I just feel like sitting down to create something pretty.

5.  Besides  creating what else do you do?  Do you have a full time job?
I do work full time as well as run my jewelry business which makes for very busy days and evenings.  However I carve out quality time to spend with my boyfriend, friends and family.  I also have my own house so keeping up with the yard and chores takes up a chunk of time.  My time is well balanced.  Sometimes I wish I had time to do nothing so retirement is looking mighty attractive!   Jim and I plan on getting a Winnebago in our golden years to drive all over the U.S.
6.  When did you start thinking yourself as an artist?
When I first started selling my pieces is when I realized maybe I am considered an artist if people want to purchase and wear items I have created!

7.  Who has been most influential in your craft work?
No 1 individual has been an influence for me.  While I admire others' work, I feel like my ideas just magically pop up in my head.
8.  Where would you like to be in five years?
It would be wonderful to be in a position of running my jewelry business full time in the future!

9.  Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done?crafts, sports, life in general?
I love this question because even though I am young, I do have a bucket list to force me to do things that I would like to do.  It includes many things but some are a hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride, zip lining, air boat ride on the Everglades, swim with dolphins....the list goes on!!!! 
10.  Besides online where else do you sell?
Currently I only sell online.  I used to do jewelry parties and events but now my days are too hectic to do those things anymore.

How can we contact you? (here I always offer 5% off my other shop prices and a flat shipping rate of $1.99 for domestic orders, $2.99 for international orders) - this is my eBay shop which is the bulk of my business


  1. I do have to say Miss Val your to do list in life looks mighty adventurous! I can tag along on the hot air balloon ride though! ;) Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the feature Claudia! I can't wait to go hot air balloon riding! ~Val

  3. Great interview! Miss Val had interesting answers, so it was a fun read for sure. Now I need to check out her shop! Thanks for the interesting blog Claudia!

  4. I've done the airboat ride on the everglades , even held a baby alligator and got a picture clicked and its every bit worth the experience I swear :D
    and is there a place for one more on the hot balloon ride ..thats on my list too :)

  5. I've also don the airboat ride on the everglades. It is so much fun!!!


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