Friday, August 12, 2011

Winners announced!

I'd like to thank all of you who participated and voted on our second edition of "The Messiest Hair" contest
once again a success... I like the sound of that.

We had a total of 9 votes and they all went to
who by the way is very proud (I really don't know if she will still be proud a few years from now :/ )
she totally swept all other 3 contestants
Congratulations to our reigning champion!!

All 9 names went in the magic ziploc bag and Sophia randomly picked out a name, 
and the winner is:

from My Reflections 

She is entitled to any one item of her choice from 

A fellow blogger suggested that I invite readers to participate along in the contest!
Meaning that you will take a picture of your messy hair, send the picture I will then post pictures on my blog and then we vote.
Let's be honest if I have another contest with just the kids we know who will win right??
Please vote on the poll and leave a comment!  I'm curious about how many of you are willing to do it!  I am thinking at least 3 participants.

Have a great weekend my dear friends!


  1. Congratulations to Priya!! You can count Miguelito and me for the messiest hair contest ;) xo Kary

  2. congratulations to priya! and i say yes to the messiest contest for your readers! although i can't enter as my hair is always up up up!!! :)

  3. yayyyyy ..I am so happy :) ..
    Thanks once again Sophia for picking out my name , you my darling for hosting this fun game :))
    My item of choice would be the 'Love of Horses envelopes '

    and thank you Kary and Elaine too..


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