Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Mail

Here is some more mail that made my mail box happy.  Some of these were received on days that I really needed a pick me upper.  Happy mail really does the trick!


This postcard was sent to Poland.

 A little card headed to The Netherlands.

 This postcard I sent to Finland.  My kids were born in San Diego and this is a
fine Museum to visit!

 This Postcard is From San Antonio Del Mar in Rosario Mexico,
Tijuana's Neighbor City.  Have I told you that I was born in Tijuana, Mexico?

 I sent this postcard to Springdale, WA
We went to Sea World in San Diego last year for Xavi's 4th B-day.

I sent this postcard to my friend Priya


Postcard received from Dallas Texas!

 I just loved that she printed our picture on the address label  Xavi loved it too!

Postcard received from Finland where they have thousands of lakes!

 Postcard received from Austria.

Cute little postcard from kids loved it!

Sweet card from my friend Priya and some chocolate, sorry empty box by now!

 This cute card I received from Taiwan.

Letter received from my friend Priya 
again??  yes!  why am I so lucky?
(lovely envelope wouldn't you say??  I made it!)

She sent me this goodies, she got while in Hawaii!

A card from NY City from a sister I have there!  Thank you Kary!
...and I thought you need to know that the stamp wasn't canceled so I get to use it!  yay!

**Won't you say a little prayer for all New Yorkers and  all the people on Irene's path?

Well these were not really mine but they sure made my mailbox happy!
These wood and pewter necklaces I custom order from Miss Val.
They are birthday gifts for my nephew Issac and for my son Xavi.
Miss Val was featured in my blog a couple of weeks ago and in case you missed it
you can read the interview here.


  1. I never get any fun mail, only bills...I love letters and postcards...I'm gonna send some :-)


  2. It's so great getting real mail from friends. I love those necklaces!!

  3. Ohh I really adore mail. I think it lifts the mood when you see a letter or packages in the mail box. You have sent and received a lot of lovely things.

    Plus thank you for entering my giveaway!! xx

  4. What a fun post! The postcard from Russia is adorable! I hope your sister was ok with the storm. Fortunately it was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it got to us although many were left without power in Boston and surrounding communities. ~Val

  5. Thank you Miss Val Kary and her family are just fine! What a scare!!


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