Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fill in the Blanks...I think


You can be as silly or serious as you want!  
one word, a sentence or a paragraph if you'd like! 
I thought this would be fun.

I think...

I think Snow White is the fairest one of all...I do
...even if she wears glasses, gets highlights, a piercing and a new tattoo!


  1. I think I want a home chef today to go grocery shopping for me in this heat, come home and make me veggie eggs benedicts w/ asparagus. :) That was random, lol!!

  2. Ha ha ha!!! I like new versions of Snow White! She looks more grown up, more mature ;)

  3. i think snow white is biting into the most tempting apple of all! :) boy, do i want a mac myself or what!


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