Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to come clean

My kids have the whole week off school but gosh!  It's already Wednesday!!
Sophia shared something with me that I thought I'd shared with you.

10 things that once in your life 
you have made.

1. Try to eat like a dog. via pinterest

2.  Walk without stepping on the lines.  via pinterest

3.  Close the refrigerator slowly to see how it turns out the light from within.  via pinterest

4.  Argue about who will be pressing the elevator button.  via pinterest

5.  Down all the pen points at the same time. via pinterest

6.  Eating the cake batter via etsy

7.  Tie in your neck a towel and pretend you are a super hero.  via pinterest

8.  Talk near the fan as a robot or Darth Vader. via pinterest

9.  Sing the music of 20th Century Fox when the movie starts.  via pinterest

10.  Climb and sit in a stack of plastic chairs.  via pinterest

It's time to be honest and come clean.  Yes I've done them all except I repeat except number 1 which is eat like a dog.  Unless it was way way back in the day that I've blocked it for my mind (Please God let it be that I blocked it...)

Sophia, Xavi and my niece answered yes to all of them.

How about you??


  1. hmmm, well it would depend on what age I was at the time. If I count all the way back, then probably all of them :O

  2. I already saw this and I have to admit that I've done most of them :D

  3. This is a riot!!! I have done all but eat like a dog too. My favorite growing up was talking into the fan to sound like Darth Vader. I have 2 older brothers so this was a popular activity!!!


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