Saturday, February 9, 2013

that is how it happened!

While having my second glass of wine, I looked at my child who has been sick and missed school for 4 days in a row this past week. He had a nasty cough and fever. I can't help it but feel a lot of love for him, although sometimes he drives me crazy! I looked at him and asked him "did you really come out of me??" (I remember I used to ask Sophia the same thing when she was younger) He answered yes (Sophia answered the same thing), "really I asked, why??" "because your tummy hurt and you pooped me" "yes, Xavi that is how it happened!"


  1. ha ha haha ha! Those little people are too wise sometimes!

  2. Xavi is such a funny little guy. I am sure he has you laughing every day!!!

  3. That is really cute :) I love the way kids minds work. What a little cutie.

    P.S. Sorry I never answered your question about my beach out. I was wearing swimmers under the outfit. It was what I wore to and from the beach :)


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