Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boxtops 4 Education

Please accept apologies if you saw a preview of this post a couple of weeks ago, it was still on my drafts and I accidentally published it :(  Sometimes my fingers are faster than my mind!

I am sure most of you have heard about Boxtops 4 Education and in case you haven't let me tell you a bit about it.  It is a wonderful program that can help you earn cash for your schools by clipping boxtops from hundreds of participating products such as Cheerios, Hamburger Helper, Kleenex, Ziploc, Hefty, Betty Crocker, and many many more. You can check out the rest of the products here.

We all go grocery shopping right??  and if you buy any of the participating products and have not clipped the boxtops well let me tell you that you have been trowing money away!!  Ok, so you tell me you don't have school kids any more I understand that but you can also give them to your nieces and nephews or the neighbors kids' or take them to your local school.  You can also shop online over 250 retailers give eBoxTops to the schools when you shop online.  Their website also offer coupons for many products.  In my kids' school they are offered little rewards when the kids bring boxtops!   how easy is that?? 

On a sad note, I opened up a can of vegetables that had a boxtop the other day and could not get it off as it was glued in such a way that it ripped when I tried to take the paper off the can and sadly I just could not put it back together.  I was so upset.

On funny note, once I went to my brother's house.  He has a school aged kid and I knew that him and my sister in law sometimes forgot to clip boxtops.  So that one day I razed through their pantry and clipped every boxtop I could find of course he was there.  Later my sister in law told me that she figured it out "Of course Claudia was here."

I'd love to hear from you, You've never heard of Boxtops?, Do you clip them?, Did you used to?, Will you start clipping them?  Tell me I am eager to know!!


  1. This is such a great program! If I ate like a normal person (I have too many dietary issues) I would be able to clip these and give them to my nieces and nephew. :)

  2. I'm very good about clipping them, but sometimes getting them to Maya's school can be a challenge. :)

    1. That's very good, you put a smile on my face :)


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