Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cake Flags tutorial

A couple of weeks ago an etsy customer told me that she wanted to learn how to make cake flags with fabric and asked me to do a kit for her.  I instantly thought  'gosh but it's so easy!!'   Lots of thoughts came to my mind as I struggled thinking " I can just cut the fabric for her and sell it but that is so easy to do :/ I would feel guilty selling the cut fabric ",  and she also said "she wanted to learn how to do them" so I decided to give tutorials a try. I sent her a couple of pictures with the instructions and also offered to make the kit for her if she wanted me to.  She later thanked me for the tutorial.

I realized a lot of people don't have the craft in them, or are not interested or just don't have the time.   I am one visual person and sometimes get lost reading long directions so pictures are important for me and of course basic instructions come in handy too.  A lot of the time I improvise on the materials or the steps and I think that's where the beauty and uniqueness of handmade comes in.

So here is my first tutorial (by the way they can be made out of paper also)

Material needed:
fabric (you'll feel better is you recycle as I did I used some of Sophia's old pants)
*triangle template

*my template's base is 1 inch and 1 1/4 inches tall, it does not have to be perfect like I said improvise.

Step 1:  Fold the fabric and pin the template making sure not to cut the folded base of the triangle.  You will end up with a rhombus shape.

Step 2:  Place the toothpick in the middle and put some glue, fold the fabric in half and press with your fingers making sure the toothpick is glued tight between the two layers of fabric.  The fabric will get wet so just let it dry.  The flag will dry a bit stiff but it's a good thing.

Step 3:  Repeat as many flags you need.

If you are using paper instead of fabric use only a little bit of glue.

I am a rookie at this tutorial thing but hope you enjoyed it!

Go ahead and bake some cupcakes for your Valentine :)


  1. you did great for your first tute! very cute and easy idea!! thanks for posting

  2. Hope the tutorials be continued...

  3. Great job and very cute idea! More tutorials please.

  4. I love it!! You should try adding kits to your shop. I used to sell earring making kits which were fun to put together and they sold well. People love to craft but sometimes don't want to do the leg work going to a store or looking up instructions.


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