Sunday, February 24, 2013

Featured Artist Anabel from MiracleInspiration

Hello Dear friends today I bring to you Anabel from MiracleInspiration.  In her own words here are the answers to my 10 questions:

I'm mother of 2 years old sweetest boy Platon (there he comes).

Now I'm in maternity leave, before that I worked as accountant for a couple years after graduation from economic university. And now I realize that accounting is not what I really want to do in my life.

I learned to sew from my mother. We made clothes for everyday wear and for parties for me. And I'm so much thankful to my mum that I can make almost everything I like about clothing. And now I sew for my son and husband.


And once I discovered tilda toys and felt crafting. All these fabric bunnies, angels, cats, elephants - great pleasure to make them and my son is very fond of my fabric cats and felt finger puppets.

First I made toys just as gifts for friends, but friends are so much delighted with my creations so that they inspired me try myself at any online marketplace.


Actually I run two shops on etsy fabric toys and felt creations

And when my toys crafting inspiration leaves me for some time I always find ideas to do something about textile jewelry.
In five years I'd like to be mother of two kids :) May be I'll try something new like crochet or knitting, cause there are so many adorable things I'd like to knit. And of course I want to develop what I'm doing now.

ways to find you:

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  1. Anabel's work is wonderful! I love the textile jewelry! As someone who is so creative, accounting must have started to feel a little bit like torture. :)


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