Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crochet along cupcakes

Lame I know, funky looking frosting and funkier looking sprinkles!  I am just not too happy with the scalloped edge it's like too tight and looking down, maybe I needed to add more filling?  and the fact that the yarns I used are different tickness does not help a lot either. 

Sophia asked for white cake and pink frosting.  Xavi just picked the blue one after I have done them I really didn't give him a 

He is always a good sport at posing for my pictures.
He said I should make an army of cupcakes.  And sure enough he started battling them.

In no way I support military conflicts and actions but I just could not resist taking pictures.  Even after the photo session when it was time to do homework he kept on battling the cupcakes. Boys will be boys I guess :/

I am glad he found a use for my weird looking cupcakes.

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Googly eyed cupcakes.  Sophia swears the pink and the green are her new best friends.


  1. Oh, goodness! A cupcake battle... soooo funny! I really like how you stitched the sprinkles on. Sewing my sprinkles on was a bit trickier than I thought it would be.

    P.S. Per your comment on my blog... Googly eyed cupcakes will be awesome! I can't wait to see those. :)

  2. Boys will be boys!!! I love their imagination! It kills me when I see what Miguelito will come up with :)

    I LOVE your cupcakes! They are absolutely perfect and cute!

    Love you!!


  3. Well *I* think your cupcakes are adorable and so is Xavi!

  4. Nice job Claudia. They are so sweet (no pun intended)! I love the photo montage! Yes, boys will be boys.

  5. Pretty cupcakes. Love them with the googly eyes!

  6. you did such a great job! i love the yarn sprinkles :)

  7. Ok... they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! Love the little eyes on them. That is a cute way to make them come "alive". I think that I might make some for my neices (6 and 8) for their birthdays. I think I will add some eyes. (OH! and I like the sprinkles too!!)

  8. I think they turned out great, especially with the googly eyes. And I love that your kids immediately started playing with them!!

  9. Those are awesome! I don't know what you're talking about ... they look perfect enough to eat! You should be posting on Etsy and selling those! I can hook you up with some sites that sell cute little crochet and knit items just like this :) if you want to check them out (and pricing)


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