Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seasons Change second Edition...Spring Week 9

For a whole year I will try to find the awesomeness
included in all four seasons, 
perhaps the weather or a nature shot...
maybe display the Holidays in turn
who knows? 
The sky is the limit.

Now that kids are home I want to continue with Seasons Change.  Free and lazy days are easy to enjoy specially for kids. I really want to take it easy this Summer and enjoy the things that I myself usually don't.  So welcome long afternoons and Summer!

We went grocery shopping and stopped at a couple of thrift stores.  As soon as the kids saw a park they asked to stopped to play.  You see on a regular day I would have not stopped :/ They needed a break so we stopped.

 I sat and glanced around to see where I could find my shot for this week.  Well, these two started being silly!  For some reason that is hard to do for them nowadays 
as they spend most of the days
arguing and fighting and disagreeing you know what brothers and sisters do! 

I do apologize for the picture overload this week but I just could not pick one. 


  1. I love the photos! They will laugh at these when they are all grown up!!! I am sure you do not regret stopping at the park. It feels good to get out of a routine and do something spontaneous like this.

  2. So glad you are living life these days without stress and time limits. Love all these pictures. You could never overload us with pictures. :)

    1. No time limits is what I want for this Summer ladydazy ;)

  3. So glad you didn't post only one photo! I feel totally recharged with the funny positive energy! Thank you!!!

    1. The pictures are funny indeed next time I will join them in being silly and maybe take pictures with them!


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