Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fitness Update

Let me update you on my quest for fitness and loosing the love handles!  Remember this picture at the beginning of the year.  And remember when I finally decided to do something about it two months ago?

Well I've been riding my bike more often and for longer periods of time.  On the food issue I still struggle a bit I do have to say.  Food is an addiction and it's hard to break bad habits but I am getting there.  On the drinking water issue I have to remind myself to drink water instead of sugary drinks.  Concerning the exercise I have been faithfully following a series of 5 taebo videos at home a minimum of three times a week!  A good sweat feels great!!

I do have a support system let me tell you a bit about that:

My mom and sister: 
They are my best cheerleaders, every time I see one of them they compliment me and tell me that they see a difference in my muffin top.

My kids:
I thought it would be a good idea if we did the routine exercise as a family.  Of course they would do it on their own rhythm.  The first day Sophia said "no thanks I will just get some ice cream and watch TV" (thanks for the support there!), Xavi on the other hand was a much better sports but with numerous trips to the bathroom and rest breaks.  So basically now they join me if they feel like it which is hardly the case.

My husband:
He gives me a hard time everytime I sit and that muffin top shows he jokes and says: "Hechate otro tamal"  which means "Have another tamale"  which of course is a joke and I laugh with him.

To be honest I have not lost any weight maybe a pound or two as the scale varies from day to day.

But here is the before and after and definite proof that my body is changing.  I have been bearing the pain and I am proud of all my hard work.  You see the curves on my love handles less pronounced??  I am on my way to a fitter  and tighter me.


  1. Hi Claudia, you did great work and looking good! Really! If you continue in the same way, you looks like a model soon! Wish you good luck :)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful Mi Clau!!! You definitely show a difference! I'm sure that you've lost inches my darling!! I am SO proud of you! Remember "No Pain No Gain" :) Si se puede!!!


  3. I see a big difference, congrats!! Keep it up!! You're motivating me, amiga!

  4. Good job Claudia!!!! Your hardwork is paying off! I would not worry about the number on the scale. Just go by how you feel and look!


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