Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Mail

Here is some of the latest mail that I've sent and received I don't know which one is more fun :)

Outgoing mail 

Congratulations  card on First Communion to Miguelito in New York

Happy Mother's Day to my penpal in Nebraska

Happy Mother's Day card to my best friend in San Diego

Happy Mother's Day card to my penpal in Kansas

Happy Mother's Day card to Dear Kary in New York 
my sister from another mother!!

Graduation card sent to my aunt in Texas.
 Once being a High School dropout (she said so herself) 
she turned her life around.  She went back to school, while having a job, a husband a teenage daughter and having a second daughter in the process.  She finally obtained her BA in business and landed the job she desired.  It's never too late to go back to School. 

Incoming Mail

Postcard received from Kansas (her mother in law went to London)

Beautiful card received from Kansas

Postcard received from Nebraska, she said this reminds her of my Seasons Change posts!!
That put a smile on my face.

Just this past week I received some very Happy Mail
from Katyha in Australia.  A box full of handmade goodies that 
made me feel like I was celebrating my own Birthday!

And to top it off some lot of Australian chocolate goodies!
that I selfishly ate before the kids got out of school!!
Is that too bad?

Hope your mailbox has been happy lately!


  1. So many sweet things going out and coming in! :) I would not be able to resist the candy either. It looks delicious!

  2. Yes! My sister from another mother! Love you!!!

    We both loved our cards! You always make us feel so special Mi Clau!

    I love your happy mail! I swear that I've been so busy that I haven't sent out so much mail that I have :( Tsk...tsk.. on me!
    Promise to send out soon, like this week :)

    Haha! I feel you for eating all of the yummy candy before the kids came home! We are allowed to be greedy sometimes :)


    1. I know you do understand the candy situation Kary!!

  3. so happy you enjoyed it all, I love mail and have truly missed it these months I have been at uni


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