Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Glad to be back

First of all I'd like to thank you for all your nice words of support  and encouragement.  I really enjoyed the short break but also missed this blog world and missed you guys.  There is so much to share and things to document in this little blog of mine that I am back.  

On my etsy shop I had 7 sales on May and thoren1 was the monthly winner.  This was his free pick.  He told me he would use them to stay in touch with his long distance girlfriend.  Talking about love letters! Great idea don't you think!!

I featured one artist on May

It seems like it was yesterday when Xavi started kindergarten, well the school year just finished.  He made amazing academic growth.  He met the challenges of his kindergarten year with enthusiasm effort and a positive attitude!

A couple of weeks before school ended his class visited  Calicinto Ranch for an educational experience.  He was so excited as it was his first time riding a school bus.  At the Ranch he got to ride horses and held chickens and goats.  He said he had lots of fun.  He came home with this worksheet and that pair of sheep got some ahhh's and ohhh's from me and my husband!  

He also was very proud of his horse and I know I should not question a kid's creativity but I just had to ask why a blue horse honey??  He said oh no that's the back you should see the front!

And here is the front.  No more questions!

Here is my little cowboy.  Yeehaw!!

Each Kid in his class drew him or herself and all of the pictures were put together to create this shirt.  One morning I gave Xavi the money to turn it in to pay for the shirt and he lost it.   Not a good thing :( he was upset and so was I.  Luckily another teacher found the labeled envelope with the money and turned it in. 

It is amazing how many kids a single teacher has to work with!  When Sophia was in kindergarden she had 15 classmates Xavi has 29!!

I loved this shirt idea it is a great way to remember his classmates, do you see that boy named Ruben?  It's Xavi's best friend!

Anyways I am glad to be back and ready to enjoy this Summer!  Hope you are  too.  But not too hot of a Summer please!


  1. That is great idea with the shirt! I have a similar one from my workmates (that is so old and worn out), but the shirt is so funny and makes me smiling :) Wish good luck to Xavi on the school way :)

  2. Welcome back Claudia! Xavi's day at the ranch sounds so fun!!! I love the shirt!!! I remember in junior high we all signed our name which was added to a t-shirt, but this is so much more fun where the kids got to add their personal touch. How sweet is your customer sending love letters?!?! So cute!

  3. Welcome back Claudia! I love the love letter and t-shirt idea! I hope your summer and my summer is not too hot. So far, we are breaking record highs. :S

  4. Yay!!! Happy to have you back Mi Clau! You have been missed :)

    I am in love with Xavi's shirt! It is a great idea!
    SO cute when they get to go on their first school trip, while we worry sick about how they are doing, they are overjoyed with happiness!

    Thank you SO much mi Clau for your words of encouragement on my last post! We can do it! Love you my beautiful sister!!


  5. Happy seing you come back on the blue (rainbowed) horse :)) One thing I've learned in this life, never teach kids of "right" choises in creating process! The life is too short for enjoying that!


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