Monday, June 18, 2012

Hubby's Birthday

A couple of weeks ago to be exact on June 4th it was my husband's Birthday.  The young fellow turned 39 years old.  It was the first Monday off school for the kids and my husband took the day off work.  Indeed a special day.  My nephew stayed over for the weekend and early that Monday morning I got up and rode my bike when I came back everybody was still sleeping in.  I drove to the store and bought a Birthday cake.  Everybody still asleep.  I had enough time to cook some banana walnut and cinnamon pancakes just in case somebody didn't want cake for breakfast! 

 Silly me most of the pancakes and half the cake was gone!
Nice way of starting Summer vacation.


  1. Love fresh homemade pancakes for breakfast. My mother would make them a lot for us! <3

  2. Happy birthday to your husband! Cake for breakfast is definately a way to celebrate!


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