Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Irriatatiblle math!

Sophia was working on long division a couple of weeks ago, 
and was having a hard time.
Math is not her strongest and I was getting frustrated 
not being able to help her much! 
Not that I don't know division but how to teach her!
They had a chapter test and I told her to
concentrate and do her best!
She got 60% on the test...
The teacher will go over long division
again as most kids didn't do
well on the test only three of them got 100 %
On Spring break I told her we would go over her wrong answers...
she started doing it by herself and this is what she did!

Practice...practice she is finally getting her irriatatiblle math!


  1. How cute!!! It is so frustrating when you don't understand things! I always struggled with reading comprehension growing up because I think I had A.D.D. before we knew what it was!

    I got a kick out of your comment thinking I was tall. I am only 5'2. It is funny how pictures can be deceiving! ~Val

  2. Oh yes, math homework is frustrating. I also struggled with A.D.D. Too bad I couldn't of gotten help back then.

    Now, poor Little Miss M struggles with it.

    I'm so happy your daughter is getting the hang of it. Yes, practice, practice, practice...

  3. awww i feel sweet sophie's frustration. i remember my pappa trying to help me and me and marianne just crying cos we couldn't get it.

    bless her heart!!! but i just know she'll get better and better :)

    ps. thanks for putting my giveaway button your sweet blog xo


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