Wednesday, April 20, 2011



 Here are the answers to the true or false game:

1.  True  When I was growing up our bedrooms, kitchen and living room walls were painted green, blue and yellow canary.  Me and my brothers thought the colors were weird and even discouraged my poor mom.  Now that I think of it  they weren't that bad!

2.  False  I was a cheerleader in High School  I told my mom I wanted to try out for cheer leading and she totally refused.  She told me, "I don't want them tossing you up in the air, grabbing your butt, and watching you undies" I was ok with her answer...she was right cheer leading was not for me anyways! 

3.  True When I met my husband my hair was short and straight.  Yes, I had chemically straighten my hair a few  times and when my hair started to grow and my curls emerged he joked with me and once said "you deceived me"  But it was too late he had fallen in love with the inner me!  I am tempted to do it again.  I loved it.

4.  True I went to work with two different color sneakers.  Yes, me and my bff you know the one you make crazy things with.  We each bought a pair of sneakers.  Mine were green, hers were blue and we each got one of each color.  The kids at work would have a blast when I wore them!

Number 2 is false!
Thank you all for playing again 
we have two winners!

(she is on a row, two times winner!) 

Next Monday is the final chance to win!  
Please come back!

I love you all ladies!


  1. Lol!!! Your mami was way too cute!!! I was laughing when I read the reason!! I'm sure you would have been one hot cheerleader mi amiga :)

    Yay!!! Twice!! Loving these games :)

    Love you mi amiga un besote xoxo


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