Wednesday, April 27, 2011


These are the answers to my True or False game:

1.  True  When I was single I went to two missionary trips with my Church Youth Group.  Two great summers we spent in Nayarit, Mexico preaching the word of God, getting to know new places and meeting new people

2.  True  My bff straightened my hair with an iron for clothes.  She did, and I let her.  She used an iron for clothes because we didn't have a hair flat iron.  That was one of my first experiences with straight hair.

3.  True My arm was caught on a wringer roller washing machine when I was a kid.  I was such a little helper and my arm was caught once or twice in one of those things.  Nothing bad happened thanks to God.

4.  False  I've never had a check bounce before.  What... did you think I was perfect??  No way, I've had checks bounced, encounter high interest fees, bank charges, paid my dues etc, etc.  I also learned my lessons.

No 4 is false 
we have a winner

Thank you all for playing!!
Love you lots!


  1. Yeah, I've overdrawn a lot in my bank account. Oops!! Congrats!!Priya!!!

  2. Yayyyyyyy feels great to have won one of these True / false games ... thank you mi amiga :D

    And while lovely stationery from your shop is an added bonus, you bet I would have played even w/o this incentive ..its so much fun to know more abt you :) You should do this feature every 3 mnths or whatever frequency you decide ..

    <3 <3 <3 to you !!

  3. Let me know the item of choice my Dear!


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