Tuesday, September 8, 2015


When did it happen? overnight, no not really, it's a process...a transformation this puberty thing.  I don't know when it started nor when it will end.  It's a matter of maturing and growing into a new body while getting wiser and trying to figure out your future and who you will become as an adult. Sophia is going through it right now she is trying to find out who she is.  She is thirteen now. She is a tireless defender of rights even though she might not be right all the time.  Sometimes she does not agree with mama or papi and voices her opinions. She also knows how to stay quiet you know foolish words deaf ears. She hates injustices and Disney princesses as well.  Oh she used to love them but somewhere along she realized that women are stronger than that; she is all for equality.  Long gone are the princesses, the pinks and the sparkles. She is very open minded and says she would have loved to be born in the 70's. She proclaims herself as a democrat and when she asks her friends about political parties or issues she forgets she has to play dumb while interacting with them or so she says. She often says she hates being around teenagers because they are so dumb. She is a lover of art and has a passion for music, drawing and reading.  She complains about "old people" reminiscing about the past "technology" she says "technology". She has accepted her curls and the gap between her teeth.  She is not very thrilled about her height but has hopes of a growth spurt. She loves herself that is what matters.  She is a happy girl and has a great sense of humor.  Not all the times though she can be very impatient and explodes when her buttons are pressed.  Also, she can be cruel to Xavi at times...very cruel.
Sophia's self portrait

Somewhere in there I still see the little silly and careless girl that needs her mama when she can't breath and needs her inhaler.  She, at times demands her mama to rub her back and her head while watching a movie.  I love seeing how she loves on Emma with dear love while also trying to be tough on her "none of that princess stuff".

She has a new obsession for dresses and I am secretly loving that.  Dresses, cardigans and leggings are filling her closet and drawers lately.  We love thrifthing for dresses. I asked her if she would be willing to start a new section on my blog called "What She Wore" so I can showcase her looks. She agreed :) I am excited.  She has a great sense of fashion very unique and confident she does not care what people think, I still wish I was like her.  Here is an example of one of the latest morning laughs:

While using the  bathroom in the master bedroom Javier tells her "Sophie next time use your own bathroom!"  She comes out loud and proud yelling "Is this not America!? is this not the land of the free!?"  There's my little politician.


  1. Sophie is growing up so fast! She is going to be a very independent woman! It is awesome that she has the confidence to speak her mind and wear what she wants to wear instead of being like all the other teens out there. Maybe she will be our future president!

  2. I think (no, know) I adore that young woman... it's awesome that she believes in equality and justice; I hope she never loses that.

    You've done a great job Momma, and Sophie is doing a great job of becoming. It can be difficult, but you're both still chugging along!

  3. This is such a beautiful post that shows all the love you feel for her, Claudia :) I loved reading every single line. Sophie sounds like an amazing person. I can't wait to see the fashion posts on your blog! The last line made me laugh out loud :D
    Lots of hugs to you,


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