Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photo Booth Fun

So here are the photo booth pictures. You can be silly and nobody really cares!  the whole point is actually being silly!  We had to wait for Emma to wake up in order for her to join in  and luckily she didn't even notice the headband on her head or else she would have taken it off.  As of lately everything at her arm's length she wants to grab.
Well let me rephrase the fun much fun until a big girl, older than my son comes up and asks him to take pics with her :/ Xavi said no at first, but then his dad told him you never say no to a girl. Hmm I thought how dare an older girl come up to my little boy?...sigh.
The girl requested no props so my little gentleman granted the girl's wishes.

Hesitant and a bit timid lover boy took the pictures.  
Afterwards we noticed he came out looking the same in all the pictures.
No he was not that excited.


  1. These are such fun family photos!!! Who wouldn't want handsome Xavi in their photo? That is a riot about that girl. Very bold.

  2. so sweet to see you all having some fun! cute pics


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