Tuesday, September 29, 2015


How are you my friends?  We certainly had a busy weekend in this casa of ours.  Xavi turned 9 on Sunday.  We celebrated his Birthday on Saturday.
I always like DIY parties, nothing big just family really.  This time all I needed was some tissue paper, paint tape, a fish tank and a fed baby!  
Xavi had a game on Saturday, so after the game the girls and I went to pick up the cake while Javier and Xavi went home and took showers it was so hot triple digits still!!  
what happened Summer I thought you were gone? 

Then we got home and showered while Javier went to get the pizzas. My father in law and my sister and her family joined us for the celebration.
We ate and talked while watching a soccer match, the kids played and really had a nice time.
While I was cutting the cake I asked Javier to take a picture of Xavi.  Later I was browsing to see the pictures he had taken. Really?? a mugshot with a smirk and guilty look? OMG
I took the picture on the right.  Get a little bit of the decorations you know, ask the kid for a smile show some teeth at least!  There's the Birthday spirit!  
We ended up the night bowling a two hour session.  After about an hour and a half the adults were mostly tired and the kids ended up bowling for us.  We had a great time!
Happy Birthday to my baby Xavi!  yikes he's 9 already!! He's currently a 4th grader playing the trumpet in school and reading the first book of Harry Potter! where did time go?...

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  1. Happy birthday to Xavi! Handsome photos. :) Glow bowling is so fun. It must have been a blast to do that with the entire family!


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