Monday, September 21, 2015

El Niño

The weather has been absolutely crazy around here lately!  One day we're baking with triple digits and the next we're steaming with humidity.  Oh yeah and some other thunderstorms showers...gaah I hate those! specially when I have to be out and about. I certainly don't want to get struck by lighting :(
We did have a nice day last week, the weather cooled off and we got a nice amount of rain.  The day was cloudy and wet for most of the day and I was certainly not signing "rain rain go away!"  it was a nice break!
That's when I decided to get my new booties out.  I got them on clearance last season.  They were about twelve bucks :)  I got them online at Kohls and shipping was free. I certainly scored as I loved them.  You know you're always at risk buying shoes online!  I think I am in love with them...and I might just become a fan of boots :)

Talking about weather, they say that this year El Niño which is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with global impact on weather patterns (you can click on the link to learn more) is very strong and it's bringing a lot of water.  I really can't wait come on "El Niño" bring it on!!  I'd love to give my new booties some use.  The bad thing is that since we leave in a valley we get flooded easily :(  
Soccer season just started and you see number eight up there, yup that's my Xavi and he scored a goal! Great feeling! that's my boy!!
And now for the baby news, Emma is 7 months now!  she is a squiggly little thing.  It's like she's drank a monster most of the time.  She won't stop moving arms and legs when she's on your arms.  She grabs on hair, noses, glasses, cheeks, ears whatever she can hold on to and she is getting sooo heavy now. Almost 20 lbs...that's two bags of potatoes. sigh.  After soccer practice last Saturday we went for our flu shot hence the bandaid on her thigh.  She was a good sports though...not a lot of crying what she does not know is that we have to go back for her second dose in a month!   


  1. It sounds adventurous out there! California seems to have been seeing some really wacky weather the past recent years. Cute find on the booties! Emma is as cute as ever! I bet your bicep muscles are in great shape. :)

  2. Baby toes! Is there anything on earth cuter than baby toes???


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