Friday, September 27, 2013

Xavi's Birth story

Now I go onto Xavi's birth story.  Just as Sophie every year he loves to listen to it and hear the story over and over. Now he will be able to read it too.

Right around when Sophia was 2 or 2 1/2 years old I toyed with the idea of another baby.  It took me a while to convince my husband and this time around the pregnancy came easy.  But unfortunately to end up in a miscarriage at 8 weeks.  I felt sad and empty after that.  Soon after I had another miscarriage only to feel worse, depressed and discouraged.   One year later, Xavi's pregnancy came along.

I felt on cloud nine, happy and excited we received the news.  I was 34 at the time and 35 when he was born.  The pregnancy went well except for a few minor setbacks.  I was around 4 months pregnant when I got a terrible urinary track infection and  horrible pain on my back.  My husband and I went to a concert to see my favorite singer of all times the icon of Latin America the legend Luis Miguel   My husband had promised me that before he died he would take me to see him and he he did!  Luis Miguel really was born to sing, his voice transports you to a subliminal love.  He is the greatest of all time, I practically grew up listening to his songs he is one year older than me, he started singing professionally when he was only 11.  Ok back to the post...I really could have had a better time because I was not comfortable at all.  I had to sit to deal with the back pain while everybody enjoyed the concert  

Thanks Xavi I really appreciated that :/

Another setback that bummed me out a lot and I really mean a lot was a broken tooth.  I was biting on something and one piece of one of my molars broke off!  Luckily I had no pain and could wait till after Xavi was born to get a crown on my tooth. 

What else?  let me see, oh yeah!  I spent the  last trimester on the couch swollen and with my feet up since it was the end of a heated Summer and was feeling like a watermelon!

One September morning I woke up around 3:00 am to go the bathroom and felt a small pain on the back.  That little pain got me thinking.  I instantly thought "This might be it" I didn't go back to bed but rather stayed on the couch and watched TV.  By 5:00 am when my husband woke up I told him to be ready because I might go into labor.  I also told my mom to be ready.  They both headed to work.  Not long after I suddenly felt my panties slightly wet.  I called the hospital and they told me that my water had broken, to take a warm shower and come to the hospital.  So I called my husband to come back.  I called my sister telling her that we were going to drop off Sophie (4 yrs old at the time) and that she should go get my mom.  I remember walking up the stairs to the apartment where she lived a the time and the contractions had intensified.  Lucky for us we hit rush hour morning traffic yay! (Do you sense any sarcasm here?)  Everybody rushing to go to work and I'm rushing to have a baby.  I remember the contractions were closer and more painful every time.  It felt like I needed to go #2 like something was ready to come out!  that something was Xavi of course.  Now all of these feelings were new to me because Sophie's birth was totally different!  I vividly remember sitting in the truck and using my arms to lean on the arm rest and the door to lift my body till the contraction passed.

We got to the parking lot.  My husband dropped me off right at the entrance while he found a parking space.  I started walking the hospital entrance.  This nice nurse came up to me tapped my arm and directed me "3rd floor honey"  What?? how did she know I was in labor? did I look so bad?  that is one thing I will never forget!  Was I in such a bad shape?  So I took the elevator got to my "final destination" labor and delivery with my Drivers License in hand and the first words that came out of my mouth were "I am here to have a baby"  Well, said the nurse we'll see...I was sure!! I was really! So she checked me in.

They put me in a room to wait by the time they came and checked me I was sitting in a pool of amniotic fluid and 7 centimeters dilated!  Wow you are ready!  said the RN now they believe ah?? My husband was desperately trying to get a hold of my mom and my sister.

So they quickly put me in a  delivery room, I asked for the epidural right away.  While I was sitting on the bed a nurse was asking stupid questions such as did you have anything for breakfast this morning? meanwhile the anesthesiologist was trying to poke my back with the needle. The contractions were stronger and stongrer I could not concentrate on anything  The nurse asked me do you need to push?  yeah I said and I burst out in tears like a baby.  They quickly had me laid on my back. I told my husband he could go outside if he wanted to remember the dad that leaves?? 

But the poor thing stayed and endured the whole thing.  At this point I don't know if it was harder for me or him.  It didn't take many pushes and Xavi certainly came out before the epidural kicked in.   Xavi was born on September 27, 2006 at 10:34 am my mom made it just before the last push before he was born. 

The entire thing happened in a jiffy.  The whole hospital ordeal was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours tops.  Things weren't any easier the second time around but we survived as well.  The first time we brought Xavi home I remember laying in bed Xavi by my side and Sophie by my other side.  I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment. I felt fulfilled and full of joy nothing could have made happier.

 That was exactly seven years ago. 

Today is his Birthday!
Happy Birthday my son!  #loverboy...


  1. What a wonderful story and tribute to your son. I hope he has the happiest of birthdays :)

  2. Interesting story! Hope Xavi will learn it by memory until will grow up into the Man ;)
    And my birthday greetings (again :) :) )

  3. Great story!!! Luckily you did not give birth in traffic! Adorable baby picture too. :) I would love to try paddle boarding. Xavi looks like a pro!


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