Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ordinary turns extraordinary


of no special quality or interest


[ik-strawr-dn-er-ee, ek-struh-awr-] 

beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established
 Breezy morning are now a blessing.

 A babysitting session.

Xavi dressed up as storm shadow.

 Xavi requested blue eyed monkey cupcakes for his Birthday

 The Birthday boy.

 Oh I just love the clink, clack and ding of my vintage typewriter while typing my etsy business cards.

and a visit from Thor...
do you spy Diamond Lola?  by the way she is fine now after a round of antibiotics.

Yes lots of Ninjas and super heroes lately that make ordinary moments turn into extraordinary ones :)


  1. I love that you have a vintage typewriter! And those are some great costumes :) ~Stephanie

  2. too cute! nothing like the smile of complete joy from your kids ... looks like a fab day!

  3. So cute - love the blue eyed monkey cupcakes, all the super hero's and of course the new business cards. I've missed reading your blog. Love the new look! :)


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