Sunday, September 8, 2013

Featured artist ArtElem

Today I bring to you ArtElem.  This is an etsy shop that offers original artwork with a combination of art print page books and acrylic painting.  I love the way she transforms a regular print into a piece of art. Please enjoy the interview and visit ArtElem.  In her own words the artist says:

Cat Print
I create original artwork in mixed media - printing and hand painting . Such things can only be created manually. In my opinion - handmade things are very attractive for many reasons.
I am inspired by life, time, art, nature and books.

Elephants Love
I have a full time job, not only online, but in real life I have orders for works of art.  I never thought of myself as an artist, but knew since childhood that art was a gift I had.  I went to drawing school at age 10. Many years I studied and worked in this specialty. I was engaged in many different kinds art. I like many styles of art - painting - impressionist, graphic arts Beardsley, architecture - Gothic cathedrals, literature - I'm a big fan of the books by Milorad Pavic. 

I would like in the future engage in my favorite activities - create and draw - it makes me happy. I work in a very many art techniques. Now I would like to create art textiles and to find ways and methods that are still unknown to me. And I want to go swimming :) I love this sport. I only sell online, I have orders in real life, most often the objects of decorative arts.

My shop:  ArtElem Studio


  1. I LOVE these! Especially the elephant love :)

  2. I love ArtElem's work. I am always admiring it on Twitter! Some of it would make for really unique nursery art.


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