Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Morning Laughs...another parking lot chit chat and magical creatures.

This very morning Sophia out of the random told me
"I would not be so afraid of spiders if they could talk"
Oh yeah?  I said, what would you talk about with a spider?
She said..."If a spider came in the bathroom when I was showering, I'd say Woa woa woo! Excuse me, I am taking a shower here.  This is occupied." 

Picture my Sophie moving her head from one side to another tossing her long crazy wild curls and moving her hands frantically and then taking one hand to her waist.  
You know the girlfriend talk...

Spider tag
Sophia often talks about the meeting extraordinary creatures and things that would help her survive the zombie apocalypse.  Sigh!  the zombie apocalypse...She says she wouldn't buy the Zombie Survival Guide because she is saving money, but she would borrow it from her cousin though.

  Among these creatures and things she wants to meet one day are unicorns, vampires, Santa's Elves, Tooth Fairy, Pot of Gold, Magical Panda, Fairies, My Little Pony, The Little Mermaid, her own shadow, Three Little Pigs, Dragons, The Grand Witch, Goddess of love, God of the Sea, God of the Skies, God of the underworld.  

Oh my I think!  Lots of TV, Netflix, reading lots of books and a whole lot of imagination.  When I was a child I played with My Little Pony but certainly never hoped to meet one and I only hoped for the Tooth Fairy when I lost a tooth now and then.  

There was something I loved about our little chit chat and it was certainly her last line.

"When I am dead I'd love to met my Creator.  The one and only true God that made these magical creatures just for me."


  1. I am thankful that spiders can't talk. I just started watching The Walking Dead so I have been thinking about the zombie apocalypse LOL

  2. What a grand imagination, it will take her far! And good for you Mom, for not squashing it.

  3. What a great conversations! Such imagination. Hopefully we do not experience a zombie apocalypse!!!

  4. A good imagination is a great thing to have! I often hear my girls giggling over some story they are writing or making up. Sure beats finding them in front of the many screens we have these days!

  5. Wonderful! I think Becky and Ro would love to meet Sophia. That's how they talk and those are also some of the creatures they'd love to meet :)


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