Monday, September 16, 2013

Never say never

At this point in my life there are things that I experienced and enjoyed and some others that I didn't enjoy.  I want to share a list of things that I swore never again at one point or another obviously because I tried them and didn't enjoy.
never do highlights  right after one of my miscarriages a few years back my sister wanting to cheer me up convinced me to do highlights.  NOT a good idea!! I hated it.  I looked like an old lady graying.  At the time I didn't have any greys. It was an awful experience, it did the opposite of lifting my spirits and making me feel better. I ended up coloring my hair the next day just to cover it and swore I'd never do it again. 

never drink vodka one time my husband was drinking vodka and orange juice he had one too many drinks and fell asleep (we were at home).  He left his glass more than half way full.  I decided to drink it slowly while watching TV.  I was at home so what could happen right?  Well the next morning I had the worst hangover I puked like I never did before...never again!  That thing is pure poison! For the record I don't drink beer either I hate the taste.

never put acrylics About a year and a half ago I started calling myself a recovering nail biter a tough habit so hard to break. I tried many times before to break it without luck.  When I was younger I tried acrylic nails.  My habit was so bad back then that I bite them too :(  (plastic is hard but I chew them off like a dog chews on a toy) Even though I no longer bite nails I am still positive that I am not wearing acrylics ever again I couldn't do anything with longs nails...

never backup without looking at the rear view mirror about two or  three summers ago I was driving and I  stopped at a stop sign passing the white lines where you are supposed to stop. Then I saw a bicycle coming, so I backed up.  Being a good Samaritan, I wanted to yield right?  BAD MOVE!  I drive a Toyota tundra truck. I didn't look through the rear view mirror and hit a small car  :( wanna hear more? 
 Let's just say the DMV knows about the incident :/

never speed again on a specific street talking about car incidents, last summer I was in San Diego and got a $400 speeding ticket. $400??? Yes, I live in California.  I was going 50 on a 35 mile zone.  Of course I am more careful now on my overall driving, but specially that street, yes that street who's a reminder of an awful and unnecessary waste of money :(  I could have bought a camera with that money.
never kayak again in the open sea For this one you need to know that I am not an outdoors or sporty kind of gal, I do not know how to swim either.  My brother, his wife, my husband and I went on a road trip to Baja, Mexico.  They convinced me to go kayaking with them in the open sea :(  The place is beautiful it's called the Sea of Cortez but I had never been more terrified kayaking!  I literally feared for my life.  There I was in the open sea only to see mountains and land far far away!  Sophia was about a year and a half  at the time and I remember thinking I will never see my baby girl again! Now I laugh but swear never again!

There is also a "never to do list"... for example since I can remember I've had  a  no no rule on skinny jeans or tights until recently.  You see I was at a garage sale a few weeks ago and was checking out some jeans and came across some skinny jeans "Oh no, I don't like skinny jeans" I said and the lady overhead me.  She was a very good sales person as she persuaded me to try them, she said she convinced her mother in law who is 50 yrs old to wear skinny jeans and that I would absolutely positively love them.  I decided to give them a try for $2.00  can't go too wrong.

Guess what I am a believer now!  I liked them, I think they'd be great for fall and winter all warm and tight!  Definitely not for Summer.

I felt just like when I pressure my kids to eat that tomato or new veggie
...they never know if they like it or not until they taste it right??

So who knows maybe one day I will break my "never agains"??

How about you? did you ever say "never again" to something?  Or maybe you have a no no rule?  
I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I've never had vodka in my life - crazy eh? I did try kayaking on the open sea once and I kept falling out LOL.

  2. This cracked me up Claudia! I did highlights once when I was around 20. HATED IT! I was embarrassed to go out in public so I totally understand. Vodka is nasty tasting. After all the crazy videos online lately with sharks and whales hanging around kayakers I would not want to do that either! Police officers are tough over there. A $400 ticket definitely teaches a lesson.

    The skinny jeans look great with the boots. A perfect fall look! I say never to jumping out of a plane or having eye surgery again. Too traumatic!

    1. I'll keep that in mind Miss Val no jumping out of a plane and no eye surgery! LOL!!

  3. oh my, I wouldn't know where to start on a 'never list'! but certainly a kayak in open seas would be top of my list! I couldn't do it - you'd never get me in the boat in the first place. Now a kayak on a lake .... different story. great post!

  4. Haha.. that sounds like a useful list, though I haven't done most of those things. I did enjoy kayaking in the open sea though, but I have to admit feeling a little creeped out about what was lurking in the dark, deeper waters lol! Offhand I can't think of my own "never list" right now, but I know there have been occasions where I've declared "never again!!". A number of those have to do with stores with crappy customer service lol

  5. Right... I wont agree with any of your sayings, just because all mine NEVERs turned into YESs somehow... No comments...

  6. i think i once said i would never wear skinny jeans, and now that's all i wear. these look great on you! also, the thought of kayaking on the ocean terrifies me!!


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