Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photo a day challenge in July

Photo a day challenge in July

GREY...just grey

I DREW THIS!...not really but Xavi did

D IS FOR...dollar I wish I had more of these :/

GROUND... and my feet

THE EVERYDAY...every single day.  I try not to let it pile.

I am somewhat upset today :/  I took some pictures and there was a black spot right on the bottom left corner of every picture.  None of these picture have it because I took these pictures earlier.  I cleaned the lense but the spot was still there.  I don't know what is wrong?  I might have to take my camera to have it checked and that means $$  see why I tell you I'd like more of the green "D"  arrgghhh!!! @#$%!!!!!!

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  1. That drawing is brilliant! But yep, I know what you mean about having to get things repaired :s


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