Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photo a day challenge in July

Photo a day challenge in July from Fat Mum Slim

It's been really hot these past couple of weeks.  I been feeling drained and's either the heat or I need vitamins.


  1. Or maybe you need vitamins to help deal with the heat? A fruit and yoghurt packed smoothie might be just the ticket!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline, I will try that!

  2. I would say it's the heat :) Same here, wishing to be a bat (sleeping in day time and being active on a cool night)...

    I like "where you are", is it your beautiful back yard?

    And thanks for understanding my "feelings" :)) You do know me, I know that and appreciate a lot!!!

  3. Your yard is so beautiful. I wish I had green grass that was not full of weeds! The weather sucks where I am too. We had a heat wave for too many days. It is a little cooler today but the humidity is out of control!!!! I hope your weather cools a little too. It really makes a difference in our energy levels!


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