Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Photo a day challenge in July

Photo a day challenge in July from Fat Mum Slim

 SMOOTH...smooth traffic, smooth ride & smooth jazz.

 I WORE THIS!...yeah nothing special jeans and a simple shirt, you see my pretty garden??

A BAD HABIT...he never bit his nails before he started a couple on months ago!  how to stop him I myself did it for 35 or so years?? :/  I call myself a recovering nail biter now.

4:00 O'CLOCK...Mime show at the Hemet Public Library, Xavi got inspired and wanted to this and magioc as well.

OUTSIDE THE WINDOW...nothing special just the front street.

Ok I'm up to date on day 15, I am not that far behind...16 more days and challenge completed!  Thanks for sticking by :)

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  1. You look beautiful Claudia! Oh no with the nail biting! Don't they make some nasty tasting stuff to put on the nails to keep people from biting? Luckily it was never a habit I had.


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