Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garage sale adventures

Occasionally on Saturdays my husband and I head out to check out Estate sales, garage and yards sales and also bazaars. The kids stay home as they don't want to follow along after all they are old enough to stay home alone (so they say) 17, 11 and 6 yeah right!... they think they are all grown up. 

We do get the texts and phone calls so and so are fighting, or Xavi spilled something, or who ate the last piece of cake??  We really don't take long because we know that when come back we will find beds undone, teeth not brushed, hair not done, cookie crumbs all over the kitchen...hungry stomachs. 

This past weekend was different.  We dropped off Valeria at her mom's on Friday and Sophia and Xavi at my brother's.  They were headed on a road trip for the weekend. Sophia had gone several times with my brother and cousins on road trips, this was Xavi's first time.

My husband and I really felt uneasy about the decision of letting Xavi go.  My worries were would he brush his teeth? take a shower?  change his underwear? fight with Sophia?  listen to instructions?  He was happy and excited that he was going.

So Javier and I spent Saturday morning driving around town garage sales shopping.  We didn't have a time limit but we did miss the phone calls.  The house was quiet and in order.  I baked a carrot cake and almost ate half of it.  I missed Xavi's toothless smile and his little voice ma ma ma.  I kept my phone with me at all times but no call or text from Sophia
she later explained she had no wifi.

We have a casino in town but on Sunday we drove to another casino just to waste time and for the buffet.  We were having a calm and quiet time.  We watched a soccer game, we really wanted time to go fast.  Monday I spent the day by myself at home until around 2 pm when they came back telling me all of their adventures.  I was so glad to have them back home.  

It is such a weird feeling, sometimes I feel that the house is all a mess and that I can't keep up with all the cleaning, the cooking, the noise and all that. Then when I have all the time for myself, the house is in order and quiet it makes me think is this what I want? I know kids don't stay kids forever so these experiences make me realize I gotta treasure noisy and messy times.  Weird ah?  I am glad the house is messy again.



  1. Yard sale hoping is so fun! It must be strange when the kids are not around. I imagine it gets harder as they grow up and become more independant. That is also a good thing too. :) At least the phone calls are about little things.

    I remember when I was young and home alone with my 2 older brothers. They started fighting something fierce. A 2' x 4' was included in this fight. I was calling my mom freaking out! They get along great now, but not so much when growing up!

  2. OMG a 2'x 4' that is something! I bet you guys laugh at it now! I also have two brothers a younger and an older I remember one time they locked me out of the house. We had a door with glass and I banged on it so hard that I broke the glass :/ We can laugh at it now too!

  3. I have to say it gets quiet over here too when they are back at school (they went back today) but it is good to do things on your own once in a while, just to get your head refreshed. Enjoy it all while you can...the quiet times and the times you have them by your side ;)

    PS your links aren't working properly...every time you click on the 'older' link it opens in a new page, same when you click on the comments :/ you might need to change the html on those links and remove the target=_blank


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