Wednesday, January 13, 2016

this and that and dreams in yellow

Hi guys how are you?  I have been fine luckily I didn't drown last week with all that water that poured on us. It was just lots of streets flooded and road closures.   

The first two weeks of this year have been very busy for me.  Sophia started her hip hop classes and thinks is still  too cold to wear dresses therefore the lack of What She Wore posts. She is very excited to go to High School next year.  She will be 14 on the 22 of this month and I have been sewing a Scrump doll from the movie Lilo and Stitch.  She's all into rag dolls, plushies and  teddy bears nowadays.
Xavi is still busy with his soccer practice.  This is his first time playing with AYSO and they won second place before the Christmas break.  So, now they are getting ready to play against teams from different cities. We'll see how far they advance. In the picture above he is getting ready for his Christmas concert last month. Aww my baby Xavi!
I really cannot believe how fast approaching is Emma's first Birthday.  In five weeks she'll be 1 years old.  I had been dreaming of her first Birthday party since she was born.  My sister suggested a Bee party and I fell in love with the idea.  I love DIY parties and there are just lots of details that I want to be just right...not perfect but just right. I've been dreaming of the color yellow and bees lately too much.  Even though we all know that 1 year olds cry, or sleep during their first party I want Emma's party to be a day of celebration!

I've lost track of how many times Sophie and I have baked the beehive cake and tried to perfect it each and every time.  We still have to make adjustments to the frosting because I was not happy with this one.  I took this picture back on December 6th and still didn't have the edible marker to finish up the bees that's why the bees look weird bugs!!  

One last thing I want to share is this blog post form FAT MUM SLIM 


It's really a very inspiring  post to read at the beginning of  a New Year.  One of the points mentioned there and that I've never done is meditate.  That really called my attention and said why not? why not try mediation and see how it works for me.  So this morning I downloaded the app and it was funny because I opened it and it started with real soft and soothing nature sounds which I thought oh cool!  but then I touched the meditate button and it went on talking about 5 minute session introduction to meditation and I instantly thought wait I don't have time for that!!!  But no you guys I already promised myself I will do it! really!! That's why I always come to this little blog of mine to tell you all these little things and to make myself liable for them.

Have you ever used meditation? 
Anyways, I hope your week is going good so far and enjoy your hump day! 


  1. You're a busy momma with so much going on for your kids :)
    I would love to do a hip hop class, too! :D
    One year already? Wow, time flies! I think the cake looks awesome and I'm sure it's very delicious :)
    I started meditating at the end of next year. I have a little book with 30 different types of meditation and I'm slowly learning which ones are for me and which ones aren't :) Don't give up if you don't find the right one right away, there are SO many different ones! And I can say it does make a huge difference. I don't want to spend a day without it anymore :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lots of love and hugs to you,

  2. The kids are growing up so fast! I can't believe Emma is almost 1 already! The beehive cake is adorable. I love how the bees are coming along. I was going to try meditating but haven't followed through yet. My brain never wants to shut down so I'm curious if I can do it! Wishing you luck with this!


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