Wednesday, January 27, 2016

gallery wall

This is something that I have been wanting to share with you.  I think I finished my gallery wall a little after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to put up something on my living room wall, initially I had a square mirror and two picture frames on each side.  I really wanted something meaningful for the family.
So I framed the kids art.  On the left side it's Valeria's kindergarten hearts and apples.  I think it's so cute how she wrote her and her dad's name.   On the upper right the big colorful frame is Sophia's abstract art. You see on the lower hand corner a child and her mother...well that represents me and her!  Now, the two wooden frames on the top left I painted with chalkboard paint to give the kids a chance to redo our portraits now and then.  On the bottom left it's a piece of pallet that I painted with chalkboard paint as well and made our family name sign.  That helps me complete another item on my 45 by 45 list "make something with pallets".
In the center it's the mirror that I mentioned I had there initially.  I was just too lazy to take it off.  At the bottom is Sophie's (her nickname is Moncy) and Xavi's portrait.  For some reason Xavi wanted Sophie's frame next to him.  It's funny because he just found out he is going on a snow ski trip with his cousins and my brother and the first thing he asked is Is Sophie going?...aww he loves her sister.  On the right is this living art wall decor with air plants that so far have not died on me.  I also made them out of pallets a bit crooked  I know but I am very proud of myself.. 
And finally here is the last section of the gallery.  Here are Vale's and Emma's portraits.  The fish and the flower Xavi made them with color chalk on 2nd grade and I framed them simply because I love chalk :) And finally the jazz frame that really has no meaning but thought it fit well in the mix.  I have to fix Xavi's crooked flower picture ha ha!  So funny I didn't noticed until I downloaded the picture.
So here you have it my whole gallery wall.  I am happy with it!  I love seeing it everyday.  

Have you done any diy projects lately?

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  1. This is so wonderful Claudia! I love all the individual artwork. The whole family must really love it too. Nice work with the pallets! I love the air plants. I see so many plant ideas on Pinterest like yours that I would love to try. Jim's been bringing home wood wine crates because I am want to create a table or something with them! We'll see. :)


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