Friday, January 22, 2016

hello there...

Hello there you guys!  I feel like I am so running behind on things lately...for starters my 45 by 45 list, my penpals (sorry guys...) my attempts at mediation among other things.  Everyday since I downloaded the app I get a gentle reminder that says "Have you had your calm today?"  No I haven't I think to myself.  Are you kidding me?? no I haven't...Although this morning I told Sophie to tap into the app and select a two minute session while I was driving the kids to school.  What I really was trying to do is to get them to not talk for 2 minutes and guess what it worked!!  Forget Emma, she was not syncing with us.  But those two minutes felt very peaceful :)

Emma's monthly post is late as well she turned 11 months last Tuesday.

She had a cold this week, part of the reason that I'm behind on things and also am lacking many hours of sleep.  She is better now thank goodness.  It is just funny how she is starting to show her little personality. She can definitely let you know when she is mad or upset because of something.  She still pulls the fake cough to get attention, she loves doing it when strangers are around. She loves making people laugh.  She also definitely announces to the world when she ran out of cheerios on her tray and with her newly acquired crawling skills she can be sneaky!!  Oh this girl! 

Today's is Sophie's Birthday so it's a special day in this household!  

I wish you a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead!


  1. It's good to see you whenever you can be here; cut yourself some slack, you are one busy lady!

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie! and what a little cutie Emma is!!

  3. Happy belated birthday to Sophie! The Emma photos are adorable as always. Her fake cough must be hysterical. I hope you are able to find some calm time soon. :)


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