Monday, December 7, 2015

the bully

I repeatedly tell Sophie she should join the drama club...often I hear her say:

"Mom Emma bullies me, she pulls my hair, spits on my face while blowing raspberries.  She takes my glasses off and drops them on the floor, she scratches my face and neck, she wants everything that's on my hands only to drop it, rip it or destroy it...she likes stepping all over me.  I am doing all I can but this relationship just isn't working"

I giggle at the sound of her 'complaints' about Emma!

But my heart melts when I hear her say:

"Emma you are the love of my life, I love you!"

*ps I love the very last picture on the right, Emma's little mischief look.


  1. oh how cute is this? Sisters bonding. Oh yes they will have their tiffs, but in the end they will hug and tell each other how much they love their sister. Nothing else in the world like it.

  2. I love it! The photos are so adorable, especially the mischievous look! It is so cute how Sophie adores Emma too.


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