Monday, December 14, 2015

brushes and color

I've never been a make up kind of girl.  Eye liner and mascara is enough for me.  I use eye shadow, powder and blush on special occasions. Maybe twice a year  :/ 

I know that make up can do wonders but I also know it's a lot of work and it takes time. I am 13 years older than my sister and I saw her outgrown me on the makeup issue.   I was fine with that.
She is the pretty one I am the crafty one! 

 I love seeing girls on TV with flawless faces perfectly colored.  
Last week I felt sort of, kind of, kind of...very very stupid! I found myself watching youtube videos on how to apply eye shadow.  I was feeling like "Claudia you should have done this 25 years ago"

I knew there was a bunch of special brushes but never knew their specific purpose. I've always used that little applicator that comes with the eye shadow kit. Online I found an eye brush glossary which I found had too much info for a first timer, but with it and the youtube tutorial I was able to find out the basic brushes, get some ideas and inspiration for the beginner that I am. 
I went out and spend 10 whole dollars on a few brushes and a new glittery eye shadow (please read the sarcasm between the lines on that last sentence).  Sophia and I tried them.  I was surprised that she has more make up than I do from past Christmases gifts.  She is not that much into make up either. She told me I can play with her eye shadows whenever I want to. I am excited!  thank you daughter!

On my 45 by 45 list I have this item to fulfill which is to try out liquid eyeliner, oh well ... I've always been a late bloomer. For now the tickle of doubt about eye shadow and eye brushes is gone now nothing left but practice practice!!  

I hope your week started off with the right foot today!

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  1. I'm with you! Make up is a lot of work! I used to wear shadow, liner and mascara when going to work everyday. Now I only wear foundation and lipstick unless I'm going somewhere special. Luckily we have you tube for those of us that don't use it enough!


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