Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Sophia is a bookworm!  She really devours books.  I am really amazed at how much she loves reading!  I told her that every time she reads a book and there is a movie about it I would watch the movie with her.  I think it's fun to compare the book to the movie even though I don't read the books.  For me it's certainly faster and more convenient at this the way I still have to watch the movie The Lover..

Every couple of weeks or so she has a list of books to check out from the public Library.  Among one of her recent reads was Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  The story is about a high school senior and a dying girl that trough friendship become inseparable.  Although the story is sad I enjoyed very much this drama-comedy movie very colorful and creative.

She also read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee a classic book that deals with the aspect of history in reference to the Southern US in the 1930s. 
Once she finished the book we watched the movie we actually had to wait a couple of weeks for it because it had been checked out and it was on the hold list for me. The kids were discouraged at the beginning because of the fact that the movie was black and white...well I do have to confess that  I was a bit discouraged too.  According to Sophia there was a character in the book that was not in the movie and her and my favorite character was Scout that little innocent girl in the story.  I was surprised that Javier knew Gregory Peck who plays the fictional character of Atticus Finch the lawyer hero of the story.   In this story there is no vindication at the end towards African-Americans who were looked down upon and considered unequal so that makes it a sad ending  and a sad truth.

Classic book classic movie right? with this movie I cross watching a classic movie on my 45 by 45 list.  I wonder what's on Sophia's reading list next?

Oh and talking about Sophia she officially told me she's not wearing dresses until warmer weather!
Can't blame the girl!


  1. I love comparing books with the movies. I always enjoy the books more since the details and character building are there! Classic movies have been a favorite of mine since my late teens. Netflix has tons of them so I have been watching ones I have never seen before! Roman Holiday is on there which also stars Gregory Peck. It is an adorable comedy. :)

  2. My daughter loves books - just like her mom :) And I am so happy because of that!


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