Monday, October 26, 2015

the boss

When Emma was born Xavi was promoted to big brother.  Yup "he the boss", that's how young people would say it.  The boss of the back seat that is.  When he is riding alone with Emma anyways.  He is in charge of little things like opening the back window, supplying Emma's pacifier, making sure the sun is not in her eyes, entertaining her, making her laugh, trying to stop her from crying, holding the bottle for her (that specific responsibility has diminish a bit as she is holding it by herself now), pat her when she coughs, putting socks on her...well he still needs to perfect that task as you can see it in the picture from my instagram feed oh yeah follow me if you'd like ;) Those two have some good times now and then shss I told Xavi I will have to put cameras and maybe hire a security to find out what goes on back there.

That is a lot of responsibilities for a nine year old boy wouldn't you say?  but he is doing a good job and has come a long way with a whole lot of improvement since the first days of Emma being with us  Now that she is a bit older she is much more fun to be around the kids say.  

Truth is he is enjoying his big brother role so much that here is the latest morning laugh:  Emma is fuzzing in the back seat probably ready to fall asleep I am sure she needs her binky to soothe herself.  I tell Xavi to check on her and give her the binky and this is his answer:  "No worries I can tame the mythical beast down!"  umm no Xavi she is not a beast she is your baby sister and no she is not mythical she is for reals!!


  1. Awww! What a great big brother! I love his comment. A silly young man. :-)

  2. how wonderful that he is so involved and loves her so


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