Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In the absence of Sophie's What She Wore post because honestly we've been so busy in the mornings and have not had an opportunity to take pics I bring to you Emma who's now 8 months!  Wow time to start planning that first Birthday party...honestly that thought has been lingering in my mind since she was born hey this will be the last 1st Birthday party I throw right??

Haha it's getting harder and harder to fit her on the frame so I will just take what I can get!  She is a happy squiggly baby that likes to explore whatever is close to her with hands, feet and mouth.  She does not venture too far yet!
Not to steal Sophie's spotlight or segment but here is little behind the scenes.  She loves looking in the mirror and sometimes smiles shyly if shyly is even a word I don't know if it's correct :/  Other times she talks to that person in the mirror.  
Look at that belly tho!


  1. she is such a cutie! yes do enjoy every last moment! my girls are so past the snuggle stage - and I loved that stage.

  2. Emma is getting to big! Adorable. I think shyly is a word. :)


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