Monday, October 19, 2015

heavy machinery

Skin to skin contact is very important I am sure we all know that.  It has so many benefits.  It can be relaxing, reassuring, soothing, stimulating you name it!  Gosh it feels great doesn't it??  just a touch or a hug.  I remember right after Emma was born I held her skin to skin. Babies go through a shock after being born so skin to skin  helps them stay calm, breathe better, maintain body temperature and regulate blood sugar levels.  Talking about sugar levels I don't know how many times my newborn was pricked to make sure her levels were fine...thanks gestational diabetes :/ Back to skin to skin stay with me all right.  How could I forget that moment when she was staring at me with her eyes wide open!  Oh I felt on cloud nine holding my new baby!

Sometimes at the end of the day we get a bit of extra time after soccer practice, make sure homework is done, kitchen clean and showers have been taken we get to unwind with a little Netflix.  The kids like to watch Cupcake wars.   Habanero cupcakes really? Last week we were watching an episode and we took turns giving massages to each other while we watched the episode.
We've got a couple of wooden massagers, a battery operated one, I have a deck of cards with some techniques, I even bought a cheap kit for a hot stone massage that I still haven't used but hey the intentions are there right?  So here is a morning laugh for you guys Xavi got all the things out for the massage and he was going to do it on me first he said: "I will do it manually first, then I will use heavy machinery!" oh this boy!  Laugh therapy helps too right?

So there you have let's hug a little tighter and longer from now on to get all the full benefits.  Let's embrace touch and closeness as they comfort and heal even if heavy machinery needs to be used :/

Here's a bonus morning laugh today:  Xavi comes up to me and asks "Mom I will do a urine test on you"  of course I looked at him puzzled.  "What part of the house are you in?" he asks...I am in the kitchen I answered "you passed"

I hope you have an amazing week my friends and thanks for stopping!


  1. It is so true! There is such power in touch and hugs. The skin to skin contact with a newborn must be so beautiful. We love the food competitions too, especially the British Baking Show! Season 1 is on Netflix and the recent season is now on PBS.

  2. LOL, Xavi is a comic!

    You're so right about the importance of touch, and skin to skin contact. Wise woman, you are. =)


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