Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This and that...and a new school year

I've been kinda busy this past week trying to find the perfect backpack for Middle School and the coolest one for 2nd grade.  The kids started school this past Monday and it all went well despite all the mixed feelings and emotions and all the knots in the stomachs (us parents had those knots too).

 These were the happy and not so happy faces on the first day of school

It's hard to believe how fast summer went by.  Really where did it go?  Soon we will fall into a routine again and long for summer to come.  Today being the second day of school we picked up Sophia in the front gate.  As all those tweens and teens a great majority of them taller than me walked by us only one thought came to my mind "Don't these kids know that deodorant has been invented?  and "Don't they know  that in a 100 degree weather it is an unforgivable sin to not wear it?  gosh really!

Speaking of summer I accomplished many of the things that I set my mind into it some I didn't (no surprise) one of them being my bike project :(  But I still don't give up, I basically shared some of those goals to make me accountable for them so I still want to get my hands on that bike of mine and give it that makeover...someday I will!  I know that!


  1. ha! agree ... what is it about tweens and deodorant? they seem completely unaware that they need it!

    Mine start back in a week's time ... summer has gone so fast.

  2. I hope the kids are enjoying school! Yes, deodorant is important. I am surprised the teens are not concerned when that is the time you are worrying about what you smell like as much as how you are dressed! I hope you get to your bike project soon. Maybe with the kiddos back to school you can find some time. :)


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