Monday, August 19, 2013

Parking lot chit chat

Now that school has started let me tell you that we survived the first week, fetching class schedules,  running my regular errands, buying school supplies (because really I wait until teachers tell me what the kids need) back to school night and a million things in between...did I forget anything??  

I hope they had the same schedule but now I have 1 hour gap between the hour that I drop off Xavi and the time I need to drop off Sophia in the mornings. Same in the afternoon.  Sophia and I both agreed that during that gap we wouldn't come back home there is really no point in driving home and wait 30 minutes and then having to drive back to school.  Both schools are on the same street.  We figured out that we could use that hour period wisely and go to Target, the grocery store or the Post Office if I need to drop off any packages (luckily the Post Office at Winchester opens at 8:00)  Basically run errands.  On the days that we don't have the need to go to any of the places I mentioned before we just park in the school parking lot and wait for school to start. 

So the first day that we parked, sat and waited  Sophia started talking to me about the different groups kids associate in schools. We had recently watched one of my favorite movies "The Breakfast Club".  This movie looks into the lives of five teenagers coming of age.  I know she got some inspiration from this movie.  Following are some of Sophia's worries, thoughts and some of her words and following are my thoughts are in red.

Mom I don't know who I am?  
I am still trying to figure out where do I belong?  
I'm not cool (yeah you're not the most popular girl)
I'm not Emo (:/)
I'm not girly (you were before then started not liking the clothes I picked out)
I don't like sports (well you really should exercise more)
I'm not a criminal (thank Goodness!)
I have my brain half full (meaning she is kinda smart, but she really is smart)
I'm not goth (thank God again)
I might be a weirdo (aren't we all in a way)

First, I have to confess that I burst out laughing, yes I did!  She is such a drama queen.  Now, I know she was being melodramatic with her tone of voice and her big smile on her face but I am sure glad she takes the time to talk to me about all this. I know some of these fears are very real and vivid for her don't get me wrong (I was a tween once)  I told her hold your thoughts let me grab pen and paper.  I have to document this.

Second, I assured her that she is a normal 11 year old girl.  I told her to be herself be confident and make smart choices.  People like to belong in groups and that is ok.   You  do not have to belong to one or fall into a single category.  You do not all have to be the same, dress the same, talk the same .  You have the right to be yourself and be different.  You can be friends with lots of people (hopefully not the criminals).  It's ok to be different that is what really makes each one of us special, interesting and unique.

Can't wait for our next date at the school parking lot really!

Oh my dear Sophie!! I am sure she will succeed in life, be a great woman and have a great future!  She has a personality of her own and along those insecurities she has a lot of confidence in herself.  I think she is a normal young lady just growing up...jikes!  Did you have any insecurities while growing up?  Did you work hard at fitting in?  


  1. That first day/week is always chaotic isn't it?? I work at a college and our first day of classes is today. Chaos lol. BTW I am now following you as well!

  2. This brings me back! By the time I hit high school though I think a lot of my anxieties decreased because I started to not care what others thought. That is not easy to do at that age! Luckily Sophie is very grounded and has you to talk to. :) There is that balance of fitting in, yet remaining herself that I am sure she will master! I laughed at the "I might be a weirdo" quote. I totally identify with this!


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