Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Morning Laughs...Life is not fair

As the beginning of a new school year approaches fear and excitement have possessed my Sophie.  It's funny she reminds me of me because I felt the same way at the beginning of each new year "I do not want to go to school" were the words I repeated over and over.  Sophie has been a little drama queen lately. 

 These are only some of the funniest phrases she mumbles non stop. 

...I don't wanna die in Middle School
...Life is so unfair
...On top of that I have to get a shot? (vacc)
...I have to go survival school to met new friends? learn about the school?
...I have to go the dentist ( that specific day she had a dentist appointment)
...I have to eat a salad (that specific day I made her eat a salad)
...Before I was at the top of the food chain now I am at the bottom, 
6th graders are fresh meat for 7th and 8th graders
...I want to stay home watch TV eat popcorn and gummies 
...will you walk me to school the first day?  because I want to look cool 
(meaning please don't walk me!)

Today she is off to 6th grade survival camp.  I am hoping that will help her ease her worries and fears and reunite with old friends to ease the transition.

We also got a new puppy at home.  Her name is Diamond Lola, we couldn't decide on just one name so we we gave her a middle name.  It's been so long since I've taken care of a puppy that I feel a bit nervous.  I really don't want her to be an inside dog but I already fell in love with her.   The kids are very excited and are taking very seriously the responsibility of a new puppy (walking, cleaning, feeding etc) which is a good thing that takes their minds off TV and computer. 

 Welcome home Diamond Lola!  You will probably see her around here often :)


  1. Diamond Lola is adorable Claudia! Congrats on your new family addition. I imagine this has preoccupied Sophie's mind a little with the back to school drama! :)

  2. Omg!! Cutest puppy ever!!!

    Lots of fun moments in store :)



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