Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week in San Diego

I spent almost a week in San Diego at my mom's, admiring the view to Mexico, the view to the Pacific Ocean, and my mom's garden.  I enjoyed my mom's food and the company of some of my favorite people and favorite pets.   I enjoyed watching the cousins play and fight and I also was asked for more crochet lessons.  
Here are some pictures.

It's crazy to think that almost fourteen years ago when I got married none of these little people (even though they may have a big body and think they are big) were around.  Time really flies, it does.  I like taking pictures of them.  We have taken pictures of them under this Guava tree for several years now and this tree has grown with them.  My mom has several Guava trees and the kids love to eat them.

Hope you are having an excellent weekend!


  1. what a lovely post, and lovely family! beautiful children with fabulous lives ahead of them! it is amazing when I think of how quickly the years have gone with my kids. How is it possible that my oldest is now a sophomore in HS ... and is starting to talk of college? I can't even think of her not living with us anymore! Enjoy the moments with them

  2. How much I love this! Great post, Claudia, full of love and hopes and memories and emotions... And the best about it, you don't need to talk abut them, you can SEE all in your photos! And I wish to visit your Mom now, love her place :))

  3. O yes, time does fly, doesn't it! What serene, happy pictures, and what a beautiful family!


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