Monday, April 22, 2013

My weekend in pictures (deleted) and a big parenthesis ()

Today I wanted to share my weekend in pictures.  Not very exciting really.  We went to this pizza place in Hemet called The Big Cheese Company.  The pizza and the wings are great.  Of course the kids go for the pizza and arcade, my husband goes for the beer, I go so I don't have to cook!

So I took my little camera, it uses 4 rechargeable batteries.  I just recently bought a spare set because my batteries have died once or twice on me :(

Like I said I took the camera, only THE camera and not the carrying case with the spare set of batteries.  Yes you guessed right!, batteries died again after just two pictures.  I hate it because it really does not tell me batteries are dying or anything, I've learned that I cannot always rely on the battery icon.  I need it to tell me batteries are agonizing!!

Here is the big parentheses ( )...Let me share with you that I've recently upgraded from my old basic cell phone plan to a smartphone.  I've never texted before (basically because my plan charged 20cents per text!)  So now with my new phone my cute niece texts me all weekend from 'good morning' to 'good afternoon' to 'what are you doing tia?' in between.  
So now I text! a little...
The first day my husband sent me a text to say hello,
I was trying to reply and received another one from him saying 
'damn you can't text?'
No, not that fast!

Ok so I take out my phone  at the pizza place and start taking pictures to document our outing.  I come home and try to  download them.  That is when the deleting part comes in.  I deleted all the pictures I took.

So far here is my experience:

Things that I like:
I have instant access to my emails
I love that I have instant access to my etsy shops
I can text now ( but I really rather have a conversation it's faster and 
less frustrating than typing on the little pad)
Apps are fun to play with

Things that are frustrating me:
Basically the technology!  I am a non savvy technology person :/
Figuring out the space  on the card and internal device
Battery does not lasts very long
I am not very fond of the pictures the camera takes
I am having the hardest time trying to download, import pics. I plug it in the laptop and it tells me no pics, why??  I just took some!!  Ok if I am able to import them, but then can't find them.
I think this girl is not made for technology.

These are some pictures I took this morning on the phone using retro camera and was able to transfer them with lots of trial and errors.  Lots of frustrations while having to make phone calls, and mop the floors. 
 It's only Monday.  

Sigh, I hope I get this soon.   But really I am having fun with it
...most of the time.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Hee hee, they are still cool pictures! I totally understand what you mean about being a non savvy technology person. And anywhere involving cheese and pizza sounds awesome :)

  2. Haha! Over time you will become an expert Claudia! I still need to get a Smartphone! I sit in front of a computer day and night so the Smartphone seems unnecessary. But I have been reading how important it is to be able to view your listings on a phone to make sure they look good. Why people shop from the itty bitty screen of a phone, I will never understand!

  3. Bienvenida al mundo del smart phone :) Yes, it can be hard at first but you'll be texting super fast in no time. My mom didn't want to at first, now she knows way too much!! :)

    I love your pictures! You should get Instagram!!!! :)



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