Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Morning Laughs...on tying shoes and life

Just recently Xavi finally learned how to tie shoes.  After many many frustrated attempts he finally did it.  So, now he wants to tie every shoe he sees!  He goes into my walk in closet and ties all of my husband's shoes.  Of course, he won't let me help him any more even when we are rushing for school :/

The other morning while getting ready for school he was tying his shoes he said:

'Mom, now that I know how to tie shoes the only thing I need to learn so that my life is complete is how to whistle...of course I will still grow up and go on with life...'

I only wish life would stay easy for my boy, without complications, without his heart ever be broken. But unfortunately and without a doubt that won't happen.  Life is complicated.  I am confident he will make the right choices in life and he will know how to face trials successfullyI am sure he will do great in life because, he is such a wonderful boy and he has great potential

I can't wait to see the amazing young man he will become 
in the years ahead!


  1. Being a kid seems so simple. Learning to tie shoes and whistle! I am sure he will do wonderful in life too with great parents and a loving sister!

  2. Yay!! Hooray for Xavi!! :) La vida de un nino es tan bonita! Sin preocupaciones y llena de inocencia!

    Xavi will do great because he has a beautiful family that will always be by his side!



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