Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 2013 Photo A Day Challenge...Day 9

9.  Paper
I was taking pictures for my etsy shop and loved how this  
hand dyed paper doilies came out.

I take this opportunity to share with you an email I received yesterday from a repeated customer that made a recent purchase:

Hello Claudia,

Your beautifully wrapped package arrived yesterday. Thank you!

Receiving an order from you is like Christmas. Each item is so charmingly presented and then to top it off all packaged together in cheerful wrapping paper. A real treat. As always, every item I ordered is even more impressive than the photos online.   

Thank you so much for the extra goodies too. The fabric rose bookmark is very cool. I will enjoy using it. I also appreciate your tucking in the extra notecards and envelopes. You are very generous and kind.

I love your paper art  - you make it fun to drop notes to friends and family. I am already looking forward to needing to order more again. It's so fun browsing your site.

Thank so much Claudia. You are awesome.

(signed by my customer)

I do take pride in customer service!  Happy customers make me happy and this email totally made my day and made me proud.


  1. The dollies are so beautiful the way you photographed them! What a sweet e-mail to receive from a customer. It means so much when a customer takes the time to send us a follow up note!

    1. I am so happy with the end result and even happier with that uplifting email Miss Val!

  2. You should be proud. You do provide great customer service with a wonderful surprise with every order and it is like receiving a nicely wrapped gift each time. You deserve great emails like this.

  3. Oh and yes! What a beautiful photograph above!

  4. Very special. And beautiful. The photo and your heart :)

  5. Hand dyed doilies?! They look beautiful and would be lovely with my journal writing :) x


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