Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 Photo A Day Challenge...Day 29

29.  GROW

For today's post 'GROW'  I was thinking to take a picture of a plant or a flower...doesn't grow always make you think of a plant??  
Well I went to Michaels this morning to get some supplies that I needed and while checking out this is a little conversation between me and the saleslady.

Saleslady:  We have this pad of scrapbooking paper on clearance."
Me:  "Don't tempt me, I love paper."
Saleslady: "It's only $2.00"
Me:  "I will take it.  You are a good salesperson"

I scored a super paper pad of 205 pieces of pretty paper for only $2.00!  Can't go wrong on that one ;)

That's where the growing part comes in.
I wish money could grow on my bank account!


  1. $2 is great for a paper pad with that much paper. You can do so much with it ;)

  2. That is exactly the way my conversations with the paper craft salespeople go. Those are wonderfully bright and cheerful prints!


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